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Five O'Clock Orchestra (Czestochowa/Warsaw)

Tadeusz Orgielewski - cornet, flugelhorn
Leszek Nowotarski - saxophone
Jakub Moroń - trombone
Maciej Cichoń - banjo
Piotr Górka - contrabas
Andrzej Wardega - drums, vocals)

*There is the possibility of vocalist inviting and also performance with Symphony Orchestra.

Tadeusz Orgielewski - jazz cornetist and composer. In 1969, he founded the traditional jazz band - Five O'Clock Orchestra. He lives in Aachen (Germany), where he is a leader of an international group - Aix Dixie Connection since 2005. Since 2008, he performs in Tador Swingtet formation, which formed musicians invited by him. His most famous composition is New Orleans Suite, which is dedicated to traditional jazz band and symphony orchestra. Tadeusz Orgielewski is the initiator and co-organizer of several festivals, such as Dixie Piknik Traditional Jazz Festival, Hot Jazz Spring International Traditional Jazz Festival, Swinging Golden Stream Traditional Jazz Festival, and Jazz nad Wartą Traditional Jazz Festival. From 8.07.2011, he is the President of The Polish Association of Traditional Jazz.

Janusz Soltysik -clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist. In 2002, Janusz Sołtysik founded Jazz Association in Czestochowa. He was its first president, currently he holds the position of honorary chairman. He cooperates with Five O'Clock Orchestra Band, with which he recorded two albums: a Suite New Orleans and Bix & Henry. He is also a member of Tador Tradicional Team.

Dymitr Markiewicz - trombone. Legendary trombonist, who is playing in i.a. Warszawscy Stompersi Band and The Ragtime Jazz Band. For many years, he lives in H?lsingborg in Sweden and Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand. He played in several Swedish formations, from 2011 he is a member of Five O'Clock Orchestra.

Andrzej Nowicki - banjo, guitar. He is the support of the rhythm section of Five O'Clock Orchestra. Since 2001, he also plays in Siergiej Wowkotrub Trio. He is the lecturer in guitar class in the National Music School in Radomsko.

Eugeniusz Marszałek - contrabass. Musician with 30 years experience in Czestochowa Symphony Orchestra. He arranged many songs for various instrumental compositions, i.a. New Orleans Suite for traditional jazz band and symphony orchestra.

Andrzej Wardęga - drums, vocals. Since 1969, he plays in Fve O'Clock Orchestra, which is co-founder. In 2009, he started cooperation with the K.K. Blues Band formation.

Traditional Jazz Band Five O'Clock Orchestra was founded in 1969. The Band is the winner of the Zlota Tarka Old Jazz Meeting Festival in 2001 and 2002. Five O'Clock Orchestra released three CDs: Lazy River, Bix & Henryk, New Orleans Suite. The orchestra's repertoire includes world-wide standards and original compositions. The team perform at prestigious concerts with Czestochowa Symphony Orchestra, which presents New Orleans Suite. Five O'Clock Orchestra performs not only in Poland but also abroad. More information about Five O'Clock Orchestra provide Katarzyna Mrozek. The Five O'Clock Orchestra website.

Lous Dassen (Holandia) & Five O'Clock Orchestra - VII Hot Jazz Spring Częstochowa 2011:
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Joanna Morea & Five O'Clock Orchestra - VIII Hot Jazz Spring Częstochowa 2012

IV Swinging Golden Stream - Five O'Clock Orchestra - Bill Bailey

IV Swinging Golden Stream - Five O'Clock Orchestra - Exactly Like You

Five O'Clock Orchestra - I Found A New Baby - I Jazz nad Warta

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